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1. New Stock available in Pakistan   2. Cipher Engineers is Exclusive Distributor in Pakistan for Serus Water Filters   3. SERUS RUSSIA is a manufacturer of self cleaning inline water filters, structured water devices and Ultraviolet lamps for home,commercial and industrial use   



-Self cleaning inline water filter with direct flushing to purify water from mechanical impurities.
-A high-performance filter with a filtration fineness of 1 micron is designed to filter the liquid 17 liters per minute.

-Our inline water filters includes 5 types of cleaning in one: Ultramarina,antibacterial,memory,antiphrastic and energy cleaning.

Serus FS-1 water filter is used for:
-Filtration of water in systems of hot and cold water supply of industrial and private individual use.Filter for use in water supply systems for apartments, houses, cottages, swimming pools, offices.
The filter element is made of stainless high-alloy steel in the form of a silver string wound on a frame.


Performance - 1 M³ /hr (1,000 LPH)
Filtration fineness - 1 micron
Maximum working pressure- 16 Bar
Minimum working pressure- 0,5 Bar
Connection size -  ¾ inch, DN20
Maximum temperature- 100°C

Dimensions (mm) 115x75x45
Approximate Weight 0.7 kg


The fine mechanical cleaning Serus filter FS-1 consists of a body with an internal thread, a string filter element, a water structurer, a drain valve, a bulb, a pressure gauge. The drain valve provides a direct flushing of the filter. The filter is easy to maintain and operate and has compact dimensions.

Filter can be cleaned (flushed) manually or with an additional automatic flushing device.

Operating principle

The Serus water filter has two modes of operation: filtration and flushing.In the filtration mode, water penetrates the filter element inside and leaves the filter cleaned. All mechanical impurities remain outside the filter element at the bottom of the flask .The rinse mode is switched on / off by opening drainage valve at the bottom of the flask During washing, the water stream removes all accumulated debris from both the surface of the filter element and the bottom of the filter housing.The operation of the drain valve can be done manually or with a automatic flushing device.


1.The body and the filter flask are made of stamped brass with nickel plated coating 
2.A water structurer inside the filter cartridge made of fine multi-polarmagnet, amber and rhinestone for structured water 
3.A fine string filtering element made of high-alloyed stainless steel - NBR seals.
Installation of the filter is possible on plastic and metal pipes. Installation of the filter is recommended after the shut-off valves behind the water meter. Maintenance of the filter is done without dismantling. The filter position is only in the vertical position with the drain valve pointing down. Installation in a confined space is possible.

Filter Advantages

-high cleaning efficiency
-simple, direct flushing
-compact size
- maintenance of filter done without dismantling from pipeing system.
-Filter and filter cartridge is guaranteed to operate properly for 10 years guaranteed, without buying any additional filter cartriges.


Serus water filter FS-3 is used for domestic and commercial purposes for the continuous supply of filtered cold and hot water at normal pressure in the pipeline. Prevents the penetration of foreign matter: rust particles, hemp fibers, grains of sand, etc.